Top Pharma Companies in Jamnagar

Pharma Companies in Jamnagar

Pharma Companies In Jamnagar – Jamnagar, located in the state of Gujarat, India, has emerged as a hub for the pharmaceutical industry in recent years. The city is home to some leading pharmaceutical companies that have been contributing to the growth of the Indian pharmaceutical industry as well as the global pharmaceutical market.

In this blog, we will be discussing the top pharma companies in Jamnagar, their history, their products, and their contributions to the industry. We hope that this blog will provide you with valuable insights into the pharma industry in Jamnagar and help you understand the important role that these companies play in shaping the industry.

Top Pharma Companies In Jamnagar

Here are the top pharma companies in Jamnagar:

1.) VKAN Healthcare

This company is a leading pharmaceutical company in Jamnagar. The company provides quality products to its customer. People have faith in  VKAN Healthcare because they serve in Jamnagar during the pandemic. They provide transportation facilities to their clients. They provide medicines at a cheap rate and give discounts to their customer.

Top products:

  • Montelkast & Fexofenadine
  • Hydrochloride Tablets
  • Amoxicillin
  • Levocetirizine
  • Dihydrochloride Tablets
  • Levosulpiride (75mg)
  • Rabeprazole (20mg)
  • Itraconazole 200mg

Address Details: Plot No. 69, 3, Balaji Park 2, Defence Colony, Jamnagar, Gujarat

2.) Sphinx Pharmaceuticals

It is a developing healthcare business to help the medical industry. It is one of the most rapidly expanding pharmaceutical corporations. Finished formulations, pharmaceutical intermediates, and other branded services are offered by SphinxPharma. Both the regulated market and the unregulated market are where these are operated.

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Top Products:

  • Antivirals
  • antidepressant pills
  • antifungals
  • antibiotics
  • cardiovascular medications

Address Details: Rameshwar Nagar, K.P, SHAH Wadi, Jamnagar, Gujarat

3.) Radion Pharma

This is one of the Prominent pharmaceutical firms. Radion Pharma is a pharmaceutical company with a long history in the healthcare sector. The product portfolio is a sizable collection that comprises vaccines as well as generic medications. This company manufactures important medications for serious problems like mental health, digestive issues, infectious diseases, asthma, and others. Radion Pharma consistently provides medications that adhere to the highest standards. Radion Pharma produces some well-known medications, such as

  • Bactroban
  • Alpha D3
  • Actifed DM cough syrup
  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Immunity booster

Address Details: B-7, Madhav Tenament, near Partho D Apartment, Jamnagar, Gujarat

4.) Anarcon Biotech

This company is one of the biggest companies in Jamnagar. Not just in Jamnagar but throughout India, this pharmaceutical company’s name is reputable and well-known in the industry. The company has a wide range of interests in industries including pharma, financial services, real estate information management, and glass packaging.

It makes a variety of high-quality items and medicines. Consumer goods, pharmaceutical solutions for critical care, and herbal medications were among Anarcon Biotect’s offerings in the healthcare industry. Various categories, including :

  • baby care
  • antacids
  • vitamins
  • skincare
  • nutrition

Address Details: Unnamed Road, Digvijay Plot, Jamnagar, Gujarat

5.) Raj Dhanvantry Pharmacy

This company is established in 1925. This is one of the oldest companies in India. They work with wholesalers, chemists, hospitals, and many other firms. Raj Dhanvantry Pharma has high-quality products manufactured in their plant. They supply their products in bulk quantity and do not sell products at retail price. They also work with many govt hospitals.

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Top products:

  • Flavour & Emulsions
  • Sweetener
  • Food Colour
  • Viscosity
  • Builder / Stabilizer

Address Details: Bedi Port Rd, opposite Ashapura Gas Godown, Bedi, Bedeswer, Jamnagar, Gujarat

6.) Shreeji Pharma

This pharmaceutical company in Gujarat began its adventure in 1996 with cutting-edge and developing medicines. The most difficult healthcare concerns facing society have been successfully addressed by the goods and services created via innovation based on science and technology. Shreeji Pharma offers therapeutic services in oncology, cardiovascular, eye care, and neuroscience.

Additionally, they are starting to provide their drugs and services in new fields like immuno-oncology, regenerative medicine, age-related disorders, and infectious diseases. Additionally, the company places a strong emphasis on anti-infectives, neuroscience, gynecology, bone, pain, etc.

Address Details: Sagar Market Pottery Gali, opp. Teen Darwaja, Jamnagar, Gujarat

7.) Shrinath Pharmacy

One of India’s top providers of medicines that save lives is the multinational pharmaceutical company Shrinath Pharmacy. The medications are provided to numerous organizations, including UNOPS, UNODC, and health ministries.

This pharmaceutical company bases all of its operations on high-performance standards, research-driven services, and improved customer support to tackle healthcare issues. Healthcare, according to the corporation, is a fundamental human right, not a privilege. The group consists of experts in disciplines like DDS, API, and CADD. This pharmaceutical company’s production of APIs is its key competitive advantage.

Address Details: Shop No. 24, Diamond Market, opp. Pantaloon, Jamnagar, Gujarat


This company is a major producer and supplier of macrolides and anti-TB drugs in India. It now produces significant anti-malarial and antibacterial drugs. Tripada Ayurvedic is enthusiastic and young, which constantly meets the needs. This company’s primary products include anti-TB, anti-malaria, anti-bacterial, anti-hypertensive, intermediate, etc.

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Top products:

  • baby care
  • antacids
  • Bactroban
  • Alpha D3
  • Actifed DM cough syrup
  • Tablets

Address Details: Office No. 9/4, Sukh Shanti, Patel Colony Bunder Road, Bedi, Jamnagar, Gujarat


The pharmaceutical business plays a significant role in the healthcare sector by creating and developing medicines that enhance and save countless lives. To bring novel and cutting-edge medications to market, these businesses make significant investments in research and development, testing, and clinical trials.

To guarantee that patients receive safe and efficient treatments, they also place a priority on safety, quality, and adherence to laws. These top pharmaceutical firms will probably continue to set the standard for drug discovery and innovation as the market changes and face new obstacles.

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