Top Cosmetic Manufacturers in Chennai

Top Cosmetic Manufacturers in Chennai

Top Cosmetic Manufacturers in Chennai – Skincare, hair care, make-up, perfumes, toiletries and deodorants, and oral cosmetics are the main product categories of the cosmetic market. Skincare was the leading category, accounting for about 39 percent of the global market. Cosmetics companies have been developing and introducing new products for the past decade or so, and at an affordable price point. There are many Cosmetic Manufacturers in the Chennai market and we have listed some of the best Manufacturing companies.

Top Cosmetic Manufacturers in Chennai

The cosmetic industry has benefited from the increasing popularity of social media channels such as Instagram and YouTube. These platforms are not only highly influential amongst certain groups, but create a demand for beauty products and help fill the gap between cosmetics brands and consumers. Customers are becoming vigilant about the composition of products, and the proportion of natural products is increasing in the hair care business portfolio. The increasing number of people are turning to alternative organic, natural or targeted products.

List of Top Cosmetic Manufacturers in Chennai

The global cosmetic industry is constantly developing and if you are the one thinking of opting Cosmetic Manufacturing business then pharmaadda brings you the best results regarding Top Cosmetic Manufacturers in Chennai with their detailed information.

1. Bridge N Bond Marketing Pvt. Ltd:

Bridge N Bond Marketing Pvt. Ltd established in the year 2002. The company has evolved as a major supply link working with large, small and new business enterprises accelerating businesses through its agile and flexible distribution systems, on-time deliveries and ethical business practices. Today, Bridge N Bond Marketing Pvt. Ltd caters to the distribution of a wide array of products ranging from Soaps, Shampoos, Talcum Powder, Food & Beverages to ECO-Friendly Housekeeping Chemicals.

A young and dynamic company that focuses to serve institutional clients, especially the Hospitality industry, has managed to expand geographically as well as burgeon into the distribution of well-known brands like Medimix, Gillette, EID Parry, Balsara and Emami to name a few as their authorized Institutional Distributor. They take pride in providing the best to their clients. Share with them what you have in mind and they will specially design, develop and finally produce the products that you need. The product list includes:

  • Aloe vera and Neem Antiseptic and moisturizing Foam Bath
  • Almond Moisturizer 35ml
  • Round Moisturizer
  • Atria Mini Moisturizer
  • Atria Mini Foam Bath Gel
  • YASO Herbal Shampoo 25ml
  • Aloe Vera Shampoo
  • Face Wash
  • Hand Wash
  • Beauty Creams
  • Foam Bath Gel
  • Round Foam Bath Gel
  • Aloe Vera Hair Conditioner
  • Aloe Vera Moisturising Creams
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Contact them – 4/16, Chandrika Complex, Mandapam St, Kumaran Nagar, Kilpauk, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600010

2. Creepy’s cosmetics:

Creepy’s cosmetics, is one of the leading herbal cosmetics products like hair care & skin care in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. They have hands of experience in herbal products manufacturing with this short period of time, they step into hundreds of attainment and gratification to their treasure customers. Creepy herbal care products for skin, hair and body care induce the necessary confidence in you by improving your features and bringing out the best in you.
At creepy, they help in bringing out the best in you, so that you turn heads around, wherever you go.

Creepy herbal care products for skin, hair and body care induce the necessary confidence in you by improving your features and bringing out the best in you. The company is proud to be the first Indian Organic Makeup brand with a range of products specifically designed to suit Indian tones and textures. Their cosmetic products are 100% cruelty-free and any toxic or harmful ingredients are not used, making sure they are all-natural & safe. The product list includes:

  • Herbal Face Pack Powder
  • Herbal Fairness Cream
  • Handmade Soaps
  • Herbal Shampoo
  • Red Wine Shampoo
  • Hair Care Oil
  • Mogra Soap
  • Aloe Vera Soap
  • Saffron Night Cream
  • Herbal Foot Care Cream
  • Bergamot Essential Oil
  • Clarysage Essential Oil
  • Frankincense Essential Oil
  • Herbal Saffron Night Cream
  • Sandalwood Essential Oil
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil

Contact them – D115, Anna Main Rd, near Krishnan temple, Sector 6, K. K. Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600078

3.  Eyetex: Aravind Laboratories:

Eyetex established in the year 1938 by Aravind Laboratories, Eyetex started off as a religious cosmetic brand, manufacturing Kajal and Kumkum. The earliest Eyetex Kajal was handmade, prepared by women who worked out of rented households in West Mambalam, Chennai. The pure quality of the products led to an increase in their popularity and the business expanded from Chennai to all over south India. Eyetex launched the Dazller range of color cosmetics in the year 2000.

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This range consists of Lip makeup, Eye makeup, Face makeup and Nail colors. True to their roots, these cosmetics are enriched herbs, vitamins, and other natural ingredients. What makes Eyetex Dazller stand out in comparison to other contemporary brands, is the fact that despite the rich quality of the products, they are economically priced and are free of harmful chemicals, thereby protecting the skin whilst beautifying it. The company is one of the leading Private Label Skin Care Manufacturer.

These products are available in a variety of shades and hues to suit diverse Indian skin tones and manifold needs of women. The product list includes:

  • Eyetex Dazller Lipgloss
  • Eyetex Divyaa Kum Kum
  • Dazller Eterna Majestique Makeup Stick
  • Eyetex Kajal Supreme – 2g
  • Eyetex Dazller Eyeliner- 5ml – Black
  • Dazller Eterna Sheer Glow Compact Powder – Coffee
  • Eyetex Pallavi Shikakai Hair Wash Herbal Powder – 100g
  • Eyetex Dazller Daily Fresh Gentle Face Wash – 100g Papaya
  • Dazller Daily Fresh Gentle Face Wash – 15g Papaya
  • Eyetex Dazller Nourishing Lotion – 100ml

Contact them – No. 3/R, Valluwar Salai, Ramapuram Main Road, Ramapuram, Nesapakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600089

4. Stuff n Style:

Stuff n Style established in the year 2000 and is dedicated to the marketing of a diverse range of quality lifestyle products and advisory services related to the hair and skin wellness segment of the healthcare industry. The company literally stands by its name and carries an express commitment to deliver only UNIQUE products and services complying with world-class QUALITY standards.

The Company believes that Nature, with all its richness, in conjunction with the prowess of advancements in clinical research with a scientific approach, provides the most comprehensive and best cure for all disorders and ailments, howsoever complicated they may be. The Company strives for the highest level of customer satisfaction by imparting complete knowledge-based support about the products, especially natural haircare products – their profile, ingredients, functions, and effectiveness tailored to specific needs. The product list includes:

  • Segals Skin Therapy Oil For Scars
  • Segals Damaged/Dry Hair Shampoo
  • 3 Step Hair Fall Control Program
  • Segals Herbal Glo Permed/Colour Treated conditioner
  • Segals Advanced Hair Supplement
  • Normal/Oily Hair Shampoo
  • Segals Advanced Thinning Hair Shampoo
  • Segals Hair Root Formula
  • 5-Step Advanced Thinning Hair conditioner
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Contact them – Shakti Towers, 7-I, 6th Floor, 766, Anna Salai, Thousand Lights, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600002

5. Aeka Herbal Cosmetics Private Limited:

Amidst the haze of chemicals around you, it is now time to take a nature break. Yeka, a staunch believer in nature’s wealth, has set its path to explore earth to find the herbal magic that makes wonders for your hair and skin. Having fallen prey to the world of chemicals, lifestyle diseases are a clear threat to our human health. Yeka, on its quest for natural healings through ayurvedic and Siddha scripts soon realized the incredible power of their ancient knowledge and the Indian herbs. ‘

Their mission is to promote a touch of nature in everybody’s life and strive towards offering the best natural alternatives for all beauty and health needs. They Envision to Promote Natural Products for all your Beauty Needs & Minimize the role of chemicals to help people have a Healthy Lifestyle. The product list includes:

  • Yeka Mini Pack – Hair Oil
  • Kumkumathi Glow Serum – Sensitive Skin
  • Yeka Mini Pack – Skin Oil
  • Kumkumathi Glow Serum – Normal/Oily Skin

Contact them – No.76/1,1st Floor, Noobal Madhura St, Poonamallee High Rd, near Arasan Mahal, Velappanchavadi, Chennai, 600077


The beauty industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry that is known to stay strong even in times of economic strife, while the following Top Cosmetic Manufacturers in Chennai are leading the cosmetics market for decades. For information on the top cosmetics companies in the world and their best beauty products, please read the blog or you can contact us by calling +919041446655.

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