Pharma Companies in Cuddalore

Pharmaceutical Companies in Cuddalore

Pharma Companies in Cuddalore – Pharma sector is one of the fastest-growing business sectors in Cuddlore, and the potential it contains is pretty huge. Cuddalore is famous for Thillai Nataraj Temple. When you get the franchise of a pharma company, you experience the exclusive rights of marketing its products in thier region, with no one to compete for the same brand. This is the main reason why pharmaceutical companies are extremely so much reputation these days. Below listed are some of the leading Pharmaceutical Companies in Cuddlore. 

Top List of Pharma Companies in Cuddalore:

In the list, we suggest only a few companies but all of these companies are best and respected in Cuddalore. We sure about all these companies provide what you want for pharma at very economical prices.

Kawman Pharma

Kawman pharma starts its establishment in the year 1959 by the late “Shri Kawarlalji”. The company completely believes that with its excellent foundation and extensive Elements Marketing background. They are the most leading manufacturing and supply of pharma  APIs & Intermediates worldwide pharmaceutical industries. Their main focus on to Won the trust of its customers as a committed quality products supplier with integrity.  Their quality control section makes assured that their production method is conducted out under hygienic and environmentally controlled circumstances so that their end products are free from any infection and their inherent features are not modified by getting in contact with any external component.

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Kawaman pharma product list included:

  • Bio-Combination Tablets
  • Albendazole Tablets IP
  • Pantoprazole Tablet
  • Deflazacort Tablets
  • Estradiol Tablets USP

Registered address: 41 Raghunayakula Street, Park Town, Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, India, Pin Code- 607001

Helix Pharma

Since 1965 helix pharma is the most trustworthy company in the world. The company to implement the latest pharmaceutical products to its clients at prices that are affordable. While the company supporting quality criteria that are adequate to Supervisory Professionals at headquarters and overseas. In the past few decades, helix pharma spends their all efforts around treatments for infectious diseases, cardiac metabolic illnesses, psychological ailments, etc. All of these drugs are manufactured under the guidance of a highly qualified team. The prime purpose of Helix pharma is to resource people to feel stronger and live longer.

List of Famous Products is also included:

  • Esomeprazole 40/20 mg Capsules
  • Phloroglucinol + Trimethyl Tablets
  • Levosulpiride 20/30 mg Tabletes
  • Itoprides HCI 150 mg Capsules
  • Rabeprazole Sodium 10/20 mg Tabletes

Registered address: No. 15/16, Cuddalore Road, Tolgate, Ariankuppam, Puducherry, India, Pin code- 605001

Vee Herbal Care

Vee herbal care private limited start its establishment in the year 1999 by Dr.C.A.Ravi. The founder of the company is very vast in herbal pharma knowledge. They also believe that satisfy the striving for global wellness by thier herbal products. Vee herbal care provides provide the best quality through GMP and ISO and K&VIC at an economical price. There are some key points behind their successful journey such as a Comprehensive product portfolio, Strong research and development, cost leadership, naturally safe, and effectiveness. Since the company starts they have the latest experimental technology to provide the most distinguished quality herbal supplements possible.

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List of some famous products is included:


Registered address: Plot No.24, Rajagowri Nagar Koravallimedu,, Madhikrishnapuram, Puducherry, Cuddalore, Pin Code- 607402

Sunglow Pharmaceuticals

Sunglow starts its manufacturing in the year 2013 by Mr. Rajasekaran. He has spent 25 years in the pharmaceutical sector and gain a lot of knowledge about pharma. This the main reason why their company is the most trustworthy and reputated company in Cuddalore. They are successful in their business because they have experience in manufacturing systems, Quality Management Systems, and extensive regulatory experience of GMP and FDA regulations. The mission of sunglow pharma is to develop, produce, and market-leading excipient resolutions that assist their clients, the pharmaceutical industry, and bring value to thier stakeholders.

Sunglow pharmaceuticals products list also included:

  • Lactochem Coarse Crystals
  • SuperTab 50mg ODT
  • Nutracel TM102
  • Lactohale 102
  • Lactochem Coarse Powder

Registered address: Plot No.29 – 38,, Kurumbapet,, Puducherry, Cuddalore, Pin Code- 605009

Wellous Pharma Private Limited

The company starts its manufacturing in the year 2016. Wellous pharma has always been available to confront today’s difficulties in the profession& has produced perpetual change & development, beginning from raw material to complete products. They believe that conjugating the restrictions on one program will explain tomorrow’s difficulties& will create an environment filled with possibilities for every self. Their purpose is to achieve a branded item in the pharmaceutical world with the innovative path and expand into one of the most expensive production equipment which can support the larges commodity responsibility.

The Product List Also Included:

  • Clopidogrel Bisulfate Form
  • Dabigatran Etexilate Mesylate
  • Tapentadol Hydrochloride
  • Isavuconazonium Sulphate
  • Vonoprazan Fumarate
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Registered address: R.S.No.333-2A & 2B2, NavamalMarutur Village, Kandamangalam Block, Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu, India, Pin Code – 605 102.


In my above article, I have listed all the conventional details of the List of Pharmaceutical Companies in Cuddalore. We hope that the information granted in our blog would help you to reach your perfect goal without any uncertainty.

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