Pharma Companies in Akola

Pharma companies in akola

Pharma Companies in AkolaAkola district is located in Maharashtra’s central east. There are many pharma pcd firms in Akola that are well-known for their high-quality manufacturing products and services. Akola, Maharashtra is well-known for its manufacturing, formulation, and technologically advanced production services, which are available worldwide. The PCD pharma business in Akola is well-known for producing pharmaceuticals in an ethical, dependable, and responsive manner.

Do you want to learn more about the pharma franchise in Akola? To be honest, you’ve come to the proper place to learn more about this. Below is a thoroughly researched list of PCD pharma businesses in Akola that will assist you in exploring your goals in Pharma.

List of Top Pharma companies in Akola

Top PCD pharma companies in Akola are eminent because of the elite great assembling items and administrations. The place Akola is well known for assembling, forming, and innovatively upgraded creation administrations spread around the world. The conspicuousness of the PCD pharma franchise in Akola is best in the moral, solid, and responsive creation of Pharma prescriptions.

1. Leben Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.:

Leben has traveled a long journey of service to humanity, beginning with loan license manufacturing and progressing to having its own WHO-cGMP and ISO 9001 authorized factory with marketing in 18 states and 10 countries. This would not have been possible without the help of our patrons and prescribers. Regardless, the road has only just begun, and there is a long way to go. As a result, Leben urges you to join it in serving humanity.

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Leben is a pharmaceutical formulation manufacturing company committed to contributing to the health and better quality of life of human beings. By creating value, Leben is building a competitive company with steady and harmonious growth and also productively contributing to further global growth. The product list includes:

  • Cebay Trx 250mg Injection
  • Cebay Trx 500mg Injection
  • Cefaxil 1gm Injection
  • Cexil 500mg Tablet
  • Doxyleb 100mg Capsule
  • Enderm Plus Cream
  • L Sunate Tablet
  • Lamizol O 50mg/5ml/125mg/5ml Suspension
  • Lampyklox Capsule
  • Alkaleb Syrup
  • Ateleb 100mg Tablet
  • Benolyte Powder
  • Chelferry Suspension
  • Ciproleb Eye Drop
  • L Trim 200 mg/40 mg Syrup
  • Lamizol O 200 mg/500 mg Tablet
  • Lamizol Plus 400 mg/600 mg Tablet
  • Proleb Powder
  • Qsm 150mg Suspension
  • Sparwar 100mg Tablet
  • Sparwar 200mg Tablet

Contact them – L-4, Phase III MIDC City:- Akola pin code:-444104 State:- Maharashtra India

2. CUBIT Healthcare:

CUBIT Healthcare is a prominent PCD Pharma Company in India. They have the suitable infrastructure and ultramodern equipment that meets international standards. The company is devoted to making each medicine available to patients with near-zero side effects, which is why we have created enormous in-house testing laboratories in our production plant.

They recognize the importance of research in this sector; they have a separate research team of experienced specialists with different niches in this industry; the company is always striving to produce some innovation in the precise areas to fulfill the specific wants of each patient.

They succeed in promulgating a range of excellent items in this industry because of their owner’s significant experience and knowledge, Mr. Ravi Agarwal and Mr. Prabhat Agarwal, as well as their dedicated and enthusiastic employees. The product list includes:

  • Exclav-625
  • Exclav Dry Syp
  • Lomox-D
  • Cuxim-250
  • Cuxim-500
  • Cefit-XL
  • Cefit-XL Dry Syp
  • Cefobit-XL
  • Cefobit-XL Dry Syp
  • Cefobit-50 DT
  • Throbit-250
  • Throbit-500
  • Biolex-250 DT
  • Biolex-500
  • Gamibit
  • Cuflox-250
  • Cuflox-500
  • Sparbic
  • Bacter-100 DT
  • Bacter-200
  • Bacter Susp
  • Cbic-500
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Contact them – 1ST FLOOR-TOSHNIWAL BUILDING, opp. POSHAK GHAR, Kapad Bazar, Akola, Maharashtra 444001

3. Shatayushi Health Care Private Limited:

Shatayushi Healthcare Pvt.Ltd directors Mrs. Bhagyashri and Mr. Subhash Kelkar are prominent entrepreneurs who have been in the pharmaceutical sector for over 30 years. Their imaginative leadership and unwavering commitment are the primary forces propelling their firm forward. Their active engagement and substantial contribution have been critical to the company’s success. They handle day-to-day management issues as well as tasks such as supervision and workforce guidance.

They also serve as advisers, keeping an eye on the company’s performance. Area/Zonal managers oversee a team of seasoned experts that are in charge of their respective divisions or functional areas. Shatayushi Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. focuses on the Medicines Quality Assurance Programme, which is part of the Essential Medicines and Pharmaceutical Policies Department’s Quality and Safety Medicines. They help to improve public health by ensuring that quality medicines reach patients. The product list includes:

  • Ometol Gel
  • Tab. Kalic – Z
  • Omeprazole Sachet
  • Amitryp Plus
  • Calnate 500 Tablet
  • Nutritional Protein Powder
  • Cefixime Dispersible Tablet Ip
  • Mitrazapine
  • Dothieptin 25 Mg Tablets
  • Azithromycin Tab
  • Aceclofenac Paracetamol
  • Cefpodoxime Proxetil Capsule
  • Tab. Sfol
  • Arosil Capsules
  • Cap.Calnate Plus
  • Zincorin
  • Amoxycillin Trihydrate Capsules
  • Antipsychotics Medicine
  • Poronol Tab
  • Levoflox 750 Tablets
  • Acenate – Sp Tablet
  • Meropenem For Injection Ip
  • Cefnate 200 Tablet
  • Devesan Plus 50
  • Colobezan
  • Lorazepam Tablets Ip 2 Mg
  • Dejont
  • Info Line Pain Herbal Oil
  • Sensex Forte Capsules
  • Lom DT 25
  • Blopuri Capsules Ayurvedic

Contact them – Arvind, Bioved Lifescience, Arvinda Ghosh Marg, Ramdaspeth, Akola, Maharashtra 444001

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The companies listed above are the leading Pharma companies in Akola that offer a variety of services such as pharma franchising and third-party manufacturing of a wide range of pharmaceutical items. We believe that this blog will help you provide reliable information on the pharmaceutical companies listed. You can now choose the best option from among the several available in Mumbai.

So go ahead and invest in any of them and watch your company grow. You may also contact us directly by filling out the form on our website or phoning us at 9041446655.


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