Pharma Companies in Ahmednagar

Pharma Companies in Ahmednagar

Pharma Companies in Ahmednagar РAhmednagar is a city in the Indian state of Maharashtra, where residents are increasingly concerned about their health. They have begun to take suitable prescriptions, and as a result, they seek high-quality, effective pharmaceuticals. Because of the high demand for medicines in Ahmednagar, numerous pharmaceutical companies are selling PCD Pharma Franchise at various locations so that their products can easily reach a large number of people. So, in this article, we are going to give details about Pharma Companies in Ahmednagar.

Throughout the twenty-first century, the pharmaceutical industry has grown at a tremendous pace. The need to expand human life expectancy has prompted experts in the pharmaceutical sector to come up with new ideas and discoveries on a daily basis. The rising need for pharmaceuticals is unstoppable, as diseases are also on the rise as a result of the changing environment. Many aspiring entrepreneurs are becoming aware of this industry, as its growth is at an all-time high due to its numerous advantages.

As a result, we can confidently declare that PCD Pharma Franchise is a good investment. As a result, we can confidently claim that the PCD Pharma Franchise is well worth every penny for all entrepreneurs in Ahmednagar. So here is the article which gives you exact information about some of the Top Pharma Companies in Ahmednagar.

List of Top Pharma Companies in Ahmednagar

Choose from the listed Pharma Companies in Ahmednagar from the article given. For the reader’s convenience, we have also listed some of their product list and their registered address. Read the full article and make your choice.

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1. Pioneer World:

Pioneer World was first honored in 1995. They have consistently maintained their high-quality standards by undertaking rigorous quality checks at all stages of production. Their company’s competence, wisdom, and knowledge are reflected in these items. They put a lot of effort into earning their clients’ trust. As a result, they undertake all of their manufacturing operations in accordance with the needs and aspirations of their consumers.

They have amassed a large clientele across the country as a result of their client-centric approach and ethical business practices. They have amused a consumer in PAN India as a result of their customer-driven method and appropriate professional communications. All of the medicines produced by Pioneer World have been investigated, confirmed, and industrialized by their acknowledged experts. Their product list includes:

  • Pharmaceutical Tablets
  • Pain Killer Tablets
  • Pharmaceutical Capsules
  • Dry Syrup
  • Cough Syrup
  • Pharmaceutical Injectable
  • Pharmaceutical Ointments
  • Allopathic Tablets
  • Allopathic Capsules

Contact them –

Sagar Estate, B-13, MIDC, Ahmednagar-414111, Maharashtra, India

2. Ashwini Pharma:

Ashwini Pharma established in the year 2016. To assure their supremacy in terms of quality, they rely on the best composition for creating various medicines. Under the supervision of expert auditors, all of their products are tested against a variety of quality standards. This is the appropriate opportunity for you if you want to create a pharmaceutical company.

They are one of the Top Third Party Manufacturing Pharma Companies in Ahmednagar, and you will be able to start your own business using our well-known brand name, trademark, and high-quality products. They employ high-quality raw materials, provide excellent advertising materials, and are well-known for their product packaging. Their product list includes:

  • Care & Cure Anti Diabetic Syrup
  • Ashtacid Acidity Syrup
  • Reston Uterine Syrup
  • Care And Cure Pain Relief Oil
  • Era Cough Syrup
  • Ashwini Pharma’s Oshtowin Pain Relief Oil
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Contact them – 3875/A/2, Madanchandra Arked Manik Chauk, Ahmednagar-414001, Maharashtra, India

3. Octanartis Pharmaceuticals:

Octanartis Pharmaceuticals, a fully integrated specialized pharmaceutical formulations business engaged in studying, producing, and marketing a spectrum of pharmaceutical formulations in India, is honored to be the marketing group.
The goal of the Octanartis Pharmaceutical Group is to develop a high-performing workforce that is prepared to meet the opportunities and challenges posed by globalization and technological innovation.

To keep the field force up to date on technical knowledge, market scenario, and current market trends, regular meetings, conferences, and training programs are held. Octanartis Pharmaceutical is supported by a team of highly qualified and experienced consultants to gain an edge over the competition in the market, in addition to a professional and competent team that looks into Sales, Marketing, R&D, Quality Assurance, Administration, Finance, Purchase, International Business, and other areas.

We intend to specialise in the following areas of disease management:

  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Antibiotics
  • Bronchodilator
  • Glossitis, Stomatitis, Anti NTD
  • Cough Expectorant
  • Iron, Protein & Calcium Supplement
  • Oral Electrolyte
  • Systemic Antifungal
  • Tranquillizers
  • Uterine Stimulants

Contact them – Serve No. 32/A/38, Pipeline Road, Yashoda Nagar, Ahmednagar-400606, Maharashtra, India

4. Trans Pharma Private Limited:

Trans Pharma Pvt. Ltd. was founded by highly qualified experts with extensive experience in this field. Their primary headquarters are located in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra’s Industrial Estate Nagar. They provide a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical drugs and products thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. They provide the best and most diverse assortment of pharmaceutical products.

The company offers products that are high in range and can easily be afforded by everyone. Trans Pharma Pvt. Ltd. is, without a doubt, the greatest in the industry. They are a well-established pharmaceutical firm that is currently engaged in the development and production of newly-discovered pharmaceutical products that will be put to the greatest possible use in the market. Their product list includes:

  • Medical Tablet
  • Paracetamol Tablet
  • Liver 52 Tablet
  • Avil Tablet
  • Other Products
  • Diclofenac Potassium
  • Diclofenac Potassium Tablet
  • Medical Syrup
  • Paracetamol Syrup
  • Liver 52 Syrup
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Contact them – 117, Industrial Estate Nagar Pune Road, Kedgaon, Near Rangoli Hotel, Ahmednagar-414005, Maharashtra, India


The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is booming in Ahmednagar. The companies mentioned in the preceding list were the best Pharma Companies in Ahmednagar. The railway integration in Maharashtra is also one of the most important factors that contribute to the growth of the pharma industry in Ahmednagar. We hope you find the list we provided before in this article helpful.

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