PCD Pharma Companies Price List

PCD Pharma Companies Price List

PCD Pharma Companies Price List – PCD Pharma is a beneficial business nowadays and eventually, it grows by the time. Opting future in PCD pharma lines should be beneficial for the individual who is thinking of starting Pharma business. The first thing that comes in your mind before opting career in PCD pharma line is PCD Pharma companies Price List and product list. So we are sharing the list of product list with price of top PCD pharma companies in India.

PCD Pharma Companies Price List

PCD in pharma is a term that is mainly used for marketing right in the Pharmaceutical companies. PCD pharma is a Propaganda cum distribution. Pharma PCD is a term which provides business opportunities for both Pharma company and Distributors to associate at mutual benefits where pharma companies provide products and distributors or pcd associate provides selling and marketing support. In other words, PCD is also referred to as Medicine Franchise.

Small and medium size pharmaceutical companies who don’t have adequate resources to recruit own sales team and can’t sell or market products at state or country level basis, generally require pcd or marketing associates who work for them. Companies provide them products at a net price basis that are approximately 25–30% (Not all) to MRP. PCD Pharma Price list may include GST code, Tax percentage of each product.

Calculation of product price list why it is important for PCD Pharma wholesaler and distributors?

PCD Pharma Companies have a simple calculation to finalize their net rates and MRP’s. Most of franchisee and PCD companies finalized their net rates and MRP’s, according to market conditions, and according to their competitors. Here I have given step to step information about calculating price list of PCD pharma company

  1. PCD pharma company’s Raw material cost is the basis of the net rate calculation. PCD companies provide medicines to their franchisee, at a net price basis.
  2. Their Net Prices are calculated by the following formulas: Total Cost = Manufacturing cost + Packing Material Cost + Taxes + Transportation + Promotion Material + Expenses. Net Rate = Total cost X percentage of margin.
  3. The Percentage of margin may differ from companies to companies. Percentage of margin is calculated according to some following factors i.e. the number of employees, administration expenses and other expenses of the company.
  4. PCD Companies provide visual aids, catch covers, leaf behind cards, bags, writing pads, diaries, calendars, pens and number of promotion inputs. That’s the way their prices are higher than generic drugs. And doesn’t do direct marketing, hence, prices fall below branded drugs.
  5. Companies have calculated their rates at which they will sell to their customers. Then their franchisee’s turn to fix their margin according to their cost and expenses. Transportation between companies to party also causes expenses hence we will calculate this expense into franchise distributor costing.
  6. Giving an example: Suppose if a Franchisee Distributor purchase a particular medicine at the rate of 10 Rs with an MRP’s of 35 Rs and after include with transportation and tax, it will be increased by 10% and become 11 Rs.

What is the Business Opportunity given by the PCD pharma companies?

  • A good PCD Pharma company provides their pcd distributors with monopoly rights of their company in their area so that they can sell pharma products without any competition from their own company.
  • In order to help their pharma distributors to promote the products to doctors and other professionals they provide them with varieties of promotional material such as visual Aids, LBL’s, MR Bags, Pens, Key Rings, Perfumes, Towels, reminder cards,Glossary, Notepads, Catch Covers, and various other sorts of gifts.
  • PCD Pharma company introduce new strategies and innovative ideas in their marketing strategies for strengthening the presence of their franchisee in the pharma market. With this, they also train their distributors about the market trends and the new molecules coming in the market which they should promote in order to gain high margins and results.
  • Pharma  companies will provide you the best quality of products

Pharma PCD Company Procedure, Terms, and Conditions to Pharma distributors

  • PCD Pharma company will firstly send you our price list and product catalog of their company (online/offline) upon receiving your valuable inquiry.
  • You can then select the products according to your requirement via phone, WhatsApp or mail.
  • After receiving your order, the Pcd company will send you a sample invoice so that you can verify quantity and rates.
  • After verification, you can deposit money in their bank accounts
  • Then they will dispatch goods the same day and send you docket/Gr no. so that you can track your goods anytime.
  • The party itself will pay transportation and Courier Charges.
  • Prices are subject to change without any prior notice due to fluctuations in manufacturing raw material prices.
  • Xerox or Scanned copy of Drug License Number and GST certificate is also required.

What is the difference between ethical, PCD and generic pharma sectors?

To know the detailed information about these terms goes through the below-mentioned heading:

PCD ( Propaganda-cum Distribution) 

  • Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur or a new entrant, PCD business is just right for you. You can get the rights of marketing and distribution from a pharma company.
  • The person is allowed to market the products within the specified territory. You buy the franchise rights to sell and promote the products.
  • You need to pursue doctors to endorse the products. Stockiest and retail are two distribution channels.
  • The efficient your channel is, the better is your performance.
  • The secret of success lies into two things; it needs less money to start this business model because you may choose a few selected products without worrying about prohibitive costs.
  • Thus, high profitability can be managed.


  • In this model, pharma companies directly sell generic medicines to retailers via their distribution channel. Sales representatives facilitate the process.
  • The quality, performance, and use of generic products are similar to their equivalent branded drugs. There is no difference in the route of administration as well.
  • The cost of generic medicine is lower than branded products. Hence, they have better penetration in economically weaker sectors.
  • These products are different in appearance and packaging. Sometimes, the manufacturing process or formulation may also alter a little.
  • Three is a wide scope for generic medicines in India.


  • In this sector, product marketing is done by the network of medical representatives. They promote the products and convince retailers, physicians, and other medical professionals.
  • To achieve success in this business model; the network has to be very strong. The medical representatives are brand ambassadors. They must have excellent communication skills and convincing power.
  • It is the oldest business model that has been found quite useful. The business model fundamentally believes in ethical means where the products are marketed purely on their merits. No unethical practices are allowed or encouraged.

These three business models make the pharma sector. Which one you choose depends on your proficiency and preference.


In my above article, I have listed the proper details about PCD Pharma Companies Price List. Hoping the information granted in our blog of pharmaadda would help you to reach your perfect destination. For more, feel free to visit our official website and fill the contact form or you can directly call us. We are always ready to help our customers.

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