List of Pharma Companies in Mysore

List of Pharma Companies in Mysore

List of Pharma Companies in Mysore – There are so many Pharmaceutical companies that offer services as Pharma Franchise. So, it becomes difficult to choose the best company that can offer you excellent business growth in the pharmaceutical industry in Mysore. So, now you don’t have to search for the best company as we are mentioning the Top List of Pharma Companies in Mysore to provide you the opportunity of growth. We hope that our given information might help you to select the best in the market.

List of Pharma Companies in Mysore

Mysore, officially Mysuru, is a city in the southern part of the state of Karnataka, India. For the industrial development of the city, the Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board (KIADB) has established four industrial areas in and around Mysore, in the Belagola, Belawadi, Hebbal and Hootagalli areas. Follow the blog for details about Pharma Companies in Mysore. The cultural capital of Karnataka, Mysuru is also an emerging IT hub with 2nd largest software exports in the state.

List of Top Pharma Companies in Mysore

There are many pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in Mysore that are renowned for their product quality. Here, below you will find the list of best biotech and pharmaceutical companies in Chandigarh. so, hop on the ride displaying the best pharma franchise companies present in Mysore.

1. Millennium Chemi Pharma (Mysore) Private Limited:

Millennium Chemi Pharma (Mysore) Private Limited established in the year 2000. Starting as a 3 man team, Millennium is now an organization consisting of a team of more than 20 dedicated professionals, focused on delivering value and satisfaction to its customers through the adoption of latest practices in various processes carried out in the organization.

Starting off as a contract manufacturing firm in the year 2000, Millennium now has broadened its horizons to manufacturing its own intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), for its customers both in India and abroad. The company mission is to strengthen its presence in the area of value-added contract manufacture and products involving intricate chemical reactions.

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Millennium Chemi Pharma (Mysore) Private Limited boasts of management with rich technical expertise that focuses on driving innovative work practices & achieving excellence in process execution. The product list includes:

  • Drug Intermediates
  • API Intermediate
  • 5 Acetyl Methyl Salicylate
  • Drug Intermediates Di Methyl Formamide
  • API Intermediate Chemical
  • Drug Intermediatespyridine
  • 4 Bromo 2 Fluoro Acetanilides
  • 2 amino 5 chloropyridine
  • 2 Cyclohexene 1One
  • 5 Acetyl Salicylamide

Contact them – Number 49, Mysore Belagola Industrial Area, Metagalli, Mysore-570016, Karnataka, India

2.  Triphase Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Triphase Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. established in the year 2009 and is one of the leading Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Companies in Mysore. The company is an innovative and budding enterprise primarily believing in the prevailing scientific emphasis on Health and Wellness and embodies the vision and concept of “Prevention over Cure” to help manage the disease.  Since its inception, Triphase has been instrumental in delivering conceptual solutions in the field of healthcare, an extremely sensitive province in India.

Since inception, Triphase has been dedicated to research on probiotics and its inter-related areas in prebiotics, enzymes, and mineral enriched yeasts. With the aim of inculcating a habit of scientific rationale in pharmaceuticals, Triphase has successfully developed some unique probiotic and related ingredients. Galvanized by state of the art R&D center, their contingent of experienced scientists and technical experts steer efforts towards the latest and the next generation of innovations as value-added ingredients. Their product list includes

  • FloracidTM – Lactobacillus acidophilus TSP-La1
  • ProvasicTM – Lactobacillus Plantarum TSP-Lp1
  • ReAlignTM – Lactobacillus rhamnosus TSP-LRh1
  • DentaProTM – Lactobacillus salivarius TSP-LS1
  • Fenu Fiber
  • Citrus Fiber
  • TrigiZymeTM
  • Mineral Enriched Yeasts
  • Molybdenum Yeast
  • Selenium Yeast
  • BrolyzymeTM
  • EggZoticTM

Contact them – Triphase Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd., #3, special property no 482 KSSIDC, Hebbal industrial area  MYSORE -570016, Karnataka, INDIA.

3. Supreem Pharmaceuticals Mysore Pvt Ltd

Supreem Pharmaceuticals Mysore Pvt Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of a wide range of bulk stabilized vitamins, minerals & nutraceuticals. The company has grown in leaps and bound and has become a well-known name in the Indian Pharma scenario. Continuous visibility in the international exhibition has ensured Supreem’s recognition as an upcoming nutraceutical company to reckon with. The company over the years has obtained certifications like ISO 9001-2015, HACCP, HALAL, EZ KOSHER, FSSAI & has been audited twice by the US FDA.

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Their mission is to ensure the availability of Supreme products at affordable prices globally, thereby contributing to better health and quality of life for generations to come. Supreem houses a state of the art quality control facility where analysis is carried out by qualified chemists to ensure consistent quality, timely delivery & trouble-free product is maintained for all their products. In house quality control laboratory matching GLP standards. The product list includes

  • Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12)
  • Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3)
  • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
  • Methylcobalamin
  • Vitamin E
  • Calcium D Pantothenate
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (Thioctic Acid)
  • Free Flowing Folic Acid
  • Biotin
  • Simethicone
  • Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate
  • Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate
  • Gingerin – Sachet
  • Suvarna Amla – Sachet

Contact them – #73, 74 & 48P-1, KIADB Industrial Area, Nanjangud, Mysuru – 571302, India.

4. Rose Pharmaceuticals

Rose Pharmaceuticals established in the year 2008. Their core commitment is towards improving health care and creating value for all their stakeholders including doctors, patients, regulators, employees, and business partners. They are passionate and enthusiastic about their goal and highly optimistic about our future in view of the exciting opportunities of expansion and growth at different stages of development, promises to continue providing high-quality medicines manufactured in WHO-GMP facilities with good R&D backup.

The prime objective of the company is to become the most admired company by doctors, patients, employees, and all channel partners. The company is one of the leading Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Companies in Mysore. They provide these services to their clients at very reasonable rates. Their product list includes

  • Acecronact – P
  • Zb 12 Syrup
  • Next Age Protein Powder
  • Rosnim Plus Tablet
  • Roscip-500 Tablets
  • Rosflocin-200 Tablets
  • Rosanta D Tablets
  • Rosanta Gel
  • Acecronact SP
  • Lcnine MT
  • Qbaglim M1
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Contact them – ROSE PHARMACEUTICALS & HEALTHCARE PVT. LTD. # L-46, Opposite Pushpasharam, R.S. Naidu Nagar, Mysuru, Karnataka – 570007

5. Shivhari Pharmaceuticals Private Limited:

Shivhari Pharmaceuticals is a service company. This company provides the best quality drugs of our customers. This company distributes drugs in the field of Oncology, Nephrology, Hematology, Cardiology and Neurology Pioneers in the concept of super-specialty distributorship. Their mission is to Deliver the best of services to the Health Care Professionals be catering to the need of Patents and their Institutions.

The company vision is to be recognized as the Best Service Provider in Speciality Drugs Distribution by the Health Care Community which includes Doctors, Paramedics, Patients, Hospitals and our own pear group Super specialty life-saving drugs in the field of Oncology, Nephrology, Hematology, Cardiology and Neurology Pioneers in the concept of super-specialty distributorship. They are one of the leading Pharma Companies in Mysore. The product list includes:

  • Foristal Tab
  • Amcof Cough Syrup
  • Tripleacal (NEW) 30,S
  • Antrenyl Tab
  • Foristal Lontab
  • Acino Tab
  • Emelutal 1LITER
  • Sparzid 200mg Tab
  • Urclar 250mg Tab
  • Activa 30ml INJ
  • Activa 3ml INJ
  • Amlip Beta Tab
  • Azicip 250mg
  • B-Cip SYP 170ml
  • Bectogen E-E Drops
  • Betasalic Oint 20gms
  • Okaflox-Tz Tab
  • Okaran 100sr Tablet
  • Okaran Gel 30gms
  • Okas-Q Tab

Contact them – No. 1859, 2nd Main, Rattan Singh Lane, Mandi Mohollaha, Mandi Mohollaha, Mysore-570001, Karnataka, India


This information about the List of Pharma Companies in Mysore provided in my blog is genuine in all forms. These companies not only provide you with quality products but also helps to establish your business. Or you can contact us directly.

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