List of Pharma Companies in Guwahati

List of Pharma Companies in Guwahati

List of Pharma Companies in Guwahati –  There are many Pharmaceutical companies in Guwhati who claim to be the best PCD pharma companies in Guwahati. Since Guwahati can be a pharmaceutical hub for entire southeast Asia and It would also become a hub for integrated medicine ensuring holistic care and treatment. There are many pharma companies in Guwahati. You can choose any one of these companies to invest in or buy their quality products. Down below we have discussed some of the leading Pharma Companies in Guwahati.

List of Pharma Companies in Guwahati

The pharmaceutical industry is globally respected and is one of the most successful industries in Guwahati. World‐class capabilities and favorable market conditions over the last many years have ensured that Guwahati continues to be one of the most lucrative pharma markets in India. The industry has grown rapidly over the last decade and has been instrumental in driving generics penetration. The State has the presence of some key pharmaceutical industries in the country. Below given are the details of some Pharma Companies in Guwahati.

List of Top Pharma Companies in Guwahati

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1. Ambit® Bio-Medix:

Ambit® Bio-Medix is a leading and one of the best PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India. It is dedicated to enhancing the quality of the healthcare industry by providing the best pharmaceutical products for distributorship and franchise. They have achieved a number of key milestones to come forward in the list of premium quality Pharma franchise companies in India. The company has emerged as one of the leading Pharma companies and has an extensive scope of PCD Pharma products in India.

They have grown as an influential entity in the pharmaceutical industry, ready to expand by creating new formulations and to make noteworthy differences in the healthy life of people. At Ambit® Bio-Medix they are deeply committed to excellence and quality. Their team is committed and works hard to deliver the best for the cause of life. The only way they can make their commitment of a healthier and happier world come true is by providing a better and even better quality of products. The product list includes:

  • Clocxy-625 (Alu-Alu)
  • Fucef-O-250 (Alu-Alu)
  • Biomex-O Dry Syp.
  • Ce-Dexim-100 (Alu-Alu)
  • Amlo Suspension
  • Clocxy 457 Dry Syrup (Double Strength + W.F.I.)
  • Azibit-250 (Alu-Alu)
  • Bitof-200 (Alu-Alu)
  • Seram-DP (Alu-Alu)
  • Clobit-MR (Alu-Alu)
  • Amom-40 (Alu-Alu)
  • Topra Gel (Attra. Pack)
  • Lactolo (Sugar Free Laxative)
  • Itramycin-100 (Alu-Alu)
  • Lazacort-6 (Alu-Alu)
  • Alerbit-5 (Alu-Alu)
  • Alerbit-M Syrup
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Contact them – Gree path, G.S. Road Link, House no.8, Ulubari, Guwahati, Assam 781008

2. Intag Remedies:

The fastest-growing pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing companies in North East India established in the year 2001 and 2009 respectively. The company’s strength lies in its highly qualified & dedicated marketing and sales team who are able to gauge the requirements of the customer and provide the highest levels of service.

Their further vision encumbers to become the utmost highly acclaimed Pharmaceutical company amongst the World’s Pharmaceutical Fraternity, maintaining adamantly their never-changing valiant vigor in researching, developing and manufacturing a wide range of pharmaceutical products that comply with the highest regulatory standards and to contribute to the development of quality of life around the globe through innovative pharmaceuticals and nonetheless its addressing of diverse medical needs in requisite terms.

Their product list includes:

  • Azitag Tablets
  • Zeroler-M Tablets
  • Tagcoet 6 Tablets
  • CEME CV Tablets
  • Serrinac Gel
  • Orliv Syrup
  • Serrint Tablets
  • Intacof – L Syrup
  • Inhex Mouth Wash
  • Pipin 4.5 Injection
  • Inbac Kit Injection
  • Inbac Plus Kit Injection
  • Calcitag CT Capsule

Contact them – S.C. Goswami Road, Pan Bazaar, Guwahati, Assam – 781001

3. Hilton Hyman Healthcare:

Hilton Hyman Healthcare is a leading pharmaceutical and healthcare products company. With over 60 branded products sold worldwide and numerous generics produced under our customers’ brands, Hilton Hyman Healthcare supplies distributors, governments and hospitals with the products they need for their markets. The company is one of the leading Pharma companies in Guwahati.

Their wide product range, including pharmaceuticals, veterinary products, active pharmaceutical ingredients, medical supplies, and diagnostic test kits allows us to scale their resources resulting in added value for their customers and ultimately the end-user. Hilton Hyman Healthcare focuses on the best value for our customers while upholding the highest quality standards. They accomplish their mission through their innovative products and a strict quality management system, which also reveals our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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Their product list includes:

  • Woov® Cream [960 pcs]
  • Alzabol ® Syp (Vet) 30ML [300 PCS]
  • Codimint® Plus Tablet [10000]
  • Dianayard Gel 4.5ltr Jar [4 JAR]
  • Dianayard® Syp 400ML [36]
  • Doxiyard Tab [124 BOX]
  • Edicliin® Dry Syp 30ML [360 PCS]
  • Dianayard Syp 170ML [80 PCS]
  • Diclocin Forte Tablet [120 BOX]
  • Ed-Hist Syrup [4 JAR]
  • Hof Cypliv® Syp 200ML(Sugar Free) [60]
  • Glyciyard ®G2 Tab [160 BOX]
  • Iptran® Syp 60ml [300 PCS]
  • Noryard 400mg Tab [000]
  • Telmeyard® A40 Tab [160 BOX]

Contact them – House No. 46, Ward No. 30 S.C., Col. J. Ali Rd, Guwahati, Assam 781001

4. Zuventus HealthCare Ltd.:

Zuventus Healthcare Ltd.’s mission is to bring joy and jubilation in people’s lives by becoming a global healthcare provider through research-based innovative & superior products with superior profiles. The core strength lies in developing and manufacturing differentiated pharmaceutical products in – house and commercializing the same through marketing infrastructure across the geographies. Their quality is respected in India and the world over and is a testimonial of their supplies to leading multinationals.

The Company has emerged as a leader in various therapy segments like Cardiology, Pain and Analgesics, HIV, Gynecology, Nephrology, Cephalosporin Injectable, Hepatology, Oncology, Diabetology, Vitamins – Minerals & Nutrients as well as Blood products.  They offer technological expertise across various areas like API’s (First to market opportunities in domestic markets), Bio Similars, Novel Drug Delivery Systems, Paragraph IV opportunities in US, wide expertise with various dosage forms, Chiral molecules, Peptides, Polymer-based chemistry & complex products.

Their product list includes:

  • ZUVOG – M – 0.2 / 0.3 MG TABLETS
  • C TAX O 200 TAB
  • C TAX O 100 DT
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Contact them – Mukand Complex, Boragaon, Guwahati, Assam 781011

5. Septy Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd (SPL) :

Septy Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd (SPL) is one of the largest manufacturing facilities of large volume parenteral (LVP), small volume injectables (SVP) and products for irrigation and dialysis solutions for renal therapies in eastern India. They primarily manufacture and distribute their products across multiple markets including trade and government supplies. Most of the product range comprises of generic drugs capable of being used as I. V. Fluids. They have a product solution for both human and animal health.

They take pride that we have met the challenge of manufacturing I. V. fluids which are capable of being directly infused into human or animal blood for management of general or critical illness. Use of the latest technology, stringent quality practices and the environment as specified in the cGMP by WHO have enabled the manufacturing facility to achieve this. The whole process of this endeavor involves a precise mix of technology with human attitude and a constant focus for enduring quality. The product list includes:

  • Gentamycine Sulphate Inj
  • Lignocaine HCL Injection
  • Pheniramine Maleate Injection
  • Vitamin B-Complex Inj
  • PVIM Multivitamin Infusion
  • Carbohydrates & Sodium Chloride
  • Multiple Electrolytes
  • Osmotic Diuretics
  • Amino Acids

Contact them – Adams Plaza, G. S Road, Christian Basti, Guwahati-781005, Assam, India


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