List of Pharma Companies in Bhubaneswar

List of Pharma Companies in Bhubaneswar

List of Pharma Companies in Bhubaneswar – Are you the one who wants to open your own pharma business in Bhubaneswar? Or you are searching for the best Pharma franchise companies in Bhubaneswar. Here we have all the answers of your questions. Below in this blog, we have listed some of the Top Pharma Companies in Bhubaneswar from which you can choose. These Pharma companies manufacture the best quality of medicines for franchise plus they are also offering you the topmost franchise services according to your needs and requirements.

List of Pharma Companies in Bhubaneswar

Cuttack Bhubaneswar region constitutes the most developed part of Orissa as this zone is considered as the business center of the state.  The first pharmaceutical unit in the area emerged under the patronage of Utkal Gourav Madhusudan Das in the early 20th century. To date, the existing oldest pharmaceutical cluster is M/s Novo Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Limited, Industrial Estate Cuttack. Stay with us to know more about the List of Pharma Companies in Bhubaneswar.

List of Top Pharma Companies in Bhubaneswar

Below given are the certain pharma companies which you can choose to grow your franchise business in Bhubaneswar. Also given their proper details with their registered address and some of their product list to make your searches easier.

1. RND Laboratories® Pvt. Ltd.:

RND Laboratories® Pvt. Ltd. established in the year 2001. The company is an ISO 9001-2015 certified pharmaceutical company that delivers differentiated high-quality products. RND’s strength is a very dedicated team of highly experienced and dynamic professionals, who make sure that our high-quality products reach a wide market, offering the best value for their customers and consumers. They have marketed innovative health care products for over 18 years and are committed to excel in health care and research.

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RND specializes in the production and marketing of Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Herbal and Nutraceutical products. They have three separate divisions to handle their wide range of products; RND Laboratories®, RND Aesthetics, and RND Veterinary. RND has made strong footholds in Eastern India and is planning to expand in other regions in India and markets abroad. Their Plants are GMP certified along with some products being manufactured at WHO GMP certified manufacturing facilities. Their product list includes:


Contact them – Plot No. G-5 & G-6, Chandaka Industrial Estate, Patia, Bhubaneswar – 751 024, Odisha, India

2. Cestlavie Pharma:

Cestlavie pharma Management takes the lead, sets short term and long term goals and demonstrates its commitment towards Quality by putting in practice what they preach. Their Quality personnel at each and every level are the guardians of Quality, Drug Safety, and Regulatory Compliance. They willingly promote Quality awareness, assess performance for necessary improvement.

They are committed to offering products and services to our customers by continuously listening to them, by understanding their expectations and consistently satisfying their needs and preferences. Their mission is Building on their scientific, technical and commercial expertise, they responsibly provide innovative products and services related to human health to create a healthier environment and life for everyone. They continuously enhance value for their customers with quality products and services to meet their changing needs. The product list includes:

  • Aricest
  • Q-cest SR
  • RSD- LS / Plus / Forte
  • Halocest LA
  • Megazen ER 50
  • Escivi
  • Clocest – MD
  • Locest
  • Tricest DT
  • Normee
  • Clopsy

Contact them – HIG-9(Annex), Gangadhar Meher Nagar, Jayadev Vihar, Bhubaneswar-751013, Odisha.

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3. BG Pharmaceuticals:

BG Pharmaceuticals was established in 1990. They have been a trusted name for both Ayurvedic Proprietary and Classical medicines. They are committed to bringing effective, authentic and innovative Ayurvedic products made from the best quality herbal raw material for everyone. Today, BG Pharmaceuticals is well known for its best quality herbal products with outstanding results. They hold the manufacturing license for 600 numbers of classical and proprietary products.

Zymosap, Pilosap and Liven are our 3 proprietary flagship products currently available in the market. All three products have been tested by Governmental research institutes. They are a GMP certified organization and comply with ISO 9001:2015 Certification. Implementing the best Industry standards and practices has been their priority. They are committed to the organic growth of the organization to be able to keep up the trust of their customers and serve them. The products include:

  • Pilosap | Complete Piles Cure
  • Zymosap | Improves Digestion. Removes Constipation
  • Liven | Complete Liver care for your family

Contact them – Plot 187, Zone B, Sec A, Mancheswar Industrial Estate, Bhubaneswar 751010, Odisha, India

4. Pharmonix Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.:

Pharmonix is a great source for marketing companies to get finish formulation without any hassle and problems. They value the Authenticity of product first The majority of products are being manufactured at their own manufacturing plant. Pharmonix WHO cGMP Plant specialized in the Cardio-Diabetic range. API Procured from approved vendors to produce genuine Product to end customers. The Plant is dedicated to making quality Medicine at competitive prices.

They take care Quality analysis of API and Packaging material at every step of the Production level. The F&D team is responsible to make Analytical development and clinical trials for the new product. Pharmonix helps you to pick the Right Manufacturing Experience Unit with Assured Quality Product. From brand building to delivery of the Product. Pharmonix takes care of all the procurement needs and Assured timely delivery. They have Strategic Tie-up with WHO-GMP Plant to cater to Customer requirements. Their product list includes:

  • Livite Forte Tablet
  • Rexler A Tablet
  • Zillax Tablet
  • Pankool DSR Tablet
  • Wellisa XT Tablet
  • Livite Forte Tablet
  • Wellisa XT Tablet
  • Funcure Tablet
  • Pankool DSR Tablet
  • Zillax Tablet
  • Rexler A Tablet
  • Lfoale Forte Tablets
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Contact them – Plot No: 1928, Guru Bishnu Nilaya, Kishan Nagar Canal Road, Near Saptasati Temple, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751010

5. Mannequin Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.:

Mannequin Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd. established in the year 2006.  The company has now become a good pharmaceutical company of Odisha with a goal to help patients lead healthier lives through two parallel objectives: Developing and Commercializing medicines & delivering affordable and accessible medication that satisfy urgent medical needs to you. All operations of purchase of materials and products, production, quality control, release, storage and distribution of pharmaceutical products, and the related controls.

In manufacturing all operations involved in the preparation of a pharmaceutical product, from receipt of materials, through processing, packaging and repackaging, labeling and relabelling to completion of the finished product. Any material product intended for human use presented in its finished dosage form or as a starting material for use in such a dosage form that is subject to control by pharmaceutical legislation in the exporting state or the importing state. The product list includes:

  • Manneron (Pharmaceutical Syrup)
  • Neutralcid (Pharmaceutical Syrup)
  • Azithromane – 250 (Pharmaceutical Medicines)
  • Eosin (Pharmaceutical Syrup)
  • Manmol – Kid (Pharmaceutical Syrup)
  • Bismopep Pharmaceutical Syrup
  • Azithromane – 500 (Pharmaceutical Medicines)
  • Eosin – OD Pharmaceutical Medicines
  • Eosin – BD (Pharmaceutical Medicines)

Contact them – Plot No. B/26 & B/26/1, Chandaka Industrial Estate, Bhubaneswar-751024, Odisha, India


Hoping the information about the List of Pharma Companies in Bhubaneswar granted in our blog would help you to reach your perfect destination. For more, feel free to visit our official website and fill the contact form or you can directly call us.

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