List of Pharma Companies in Agra

List of Pharma Companies in Agra

List of Pharma Companies in Agra – Agra, Utter Pradesh population is growing rapidly, as is its economy – creating a large middle class with the resources to afford Western medicines. Further, the Agra medicine profile is changing, so demand is likely to increase for drugs. More than that, Agra has a growing pharmaceutical industry of its own. It is likely to become a competitor of global pharma in some key areas. If you are searching the Best List of Pharma Companies in Agra then we have the proper listing of some of the Pharma franchise companies of Agra.

List of Pharma Companies in Agra

Agra has witnessed rapid industrialization in the recent past, particularly after the launch of policies of economic liberalization in the country. With the highest population, Agra offers to be the biggest market for pharmaceuticals. With an increase in the middle-class population, most people can afford quality healthcare, thereby creating a higher demand for the pharmaceutical sector. As the Indian pharmaceutical industry is export-oriented, Agra has a suitable export facilitating infrastructure.

List of Top Pharma Companies in Agra

1. Bona Dea:

Bona Dea is a fast-growing Pharmaceutical company, serving in India for the last 5 years. The company is the word from Roman Mythology which means Goddess of health. They are in tables, syrup, and Derma Products. Their aim is to give quality medicines at affordable prices. Company is the situated in the country’s capital New Delhi. Their administrative office and warehouse is in Agra(U.P.). Company is managed by the Board of directors who are highly technically qualified with vast experience in the field of pharmaceuticals.

They have a challenging mission to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to think about their health-conscious, feel better and live longer. This mission gives us the purpose to manufacture pharmaceutical, vitamins, and nutrient products that help millions of people around the globe. is recognized as a reliable source of High Quality and a wide range of pharmaceutical formulation products that treat major disease areas: allergy, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, respiratory, tuberculosis, nutrition & metabolism, etc.

The product list includes:

  • L-CEF 200 –
  • Dea-Charge
  • BROZITH 200
  • BROZITH 500
  • DEA IvIOL 500 TAB
  • DEA NIOL 650 TAB
  • BL-CLAV-625
  • BROZITH 250
  • BROZITH 100
  • L-CEF CV-200
  • L-CEF 50M
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2. Raib Health Care:

Raib Health Care has e managed to make a mark in the Health Care industry because of our high caliber Pharmaceutical Products under the expert guidance and leadership of Mr. Mohd. Mujahid Saiyed. They deliver and dropship all over India at nominal shipping costs, throughout the year. Their products are made at our elaborate manufacturing facility with the help of superior quality raw material and advanced technology tools and machinery, under the strict guidance of professionals.

They also have a sophisticated storage facility to maintain stocks of their products in suitable conditions. The production process at our manufacturing unit as well as at their associate manufacturing units takes place in strict compliance with the WHO quality standards. All their products are tested on various parameters to ensure the best quality, consumer safety, effectiveness, and no/low side effects. They aim at delivering cost-effective generic & ethical products without compromising on quality. Their product list includes:

  • RT RAIB – 60
  • RT-RAIB-120

Contact them – 14, Jatni, A Ka Bagh, Jeoni Mandi, Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282004

3. Dermaskin PCD Franchise:

Dermaskin PCD Franchise is the fastest-growing derma company in India Offering Innovative and Progressive Solutions in the Field of Pharmaceutical & Cosmeceutical. They are among the fastest-growing dermatology companies in India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, and Nepal. The company offers solutions to plug therapy gaps in the areas of cosmetic and medical dermatology.

They are a market & customer-driven company and regularly launch innovative and quality products for skin, hair & body, in response to genuine requirements expressed by their customers & also to make new trends in cosmetology. Innovation is what we do swift decision and dynamism in execution is our core competency. They are committed to foster higher standards of health economically, because they value relationships over a more transactional approach, thereby facilitating much greater collaboration in order to generate maximum value. Their product list includes:

  • Cloborg S Lotion
  • Uv org 50+ Gel
  • Anpecia-F Sol
  • Dexcure Tab
  • Cloborg-S Oint
  • Muporg Ointment
  • Ketorg Cream
  • Livorg Tab
  • Adorg-C Gel
  • Bloomish Cream
  • Cloborg Cream
  • Ketorg-B Cream
  • Lulieve Cream
  • Momorg Cream
  • Momorg-T Cream
  • Terbieve Cream
  • Hyzorg Tab
  • Tinetra-200 Capsule
  • UV-ORG 30+ Sun Screen Gel
  • Medmoist Lotion
  • Ketorg Soap
  • Tinetra dusting powder
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Contact them – 53, Jairam Bagh Colony, Rahul Vihar, DayalBagh, Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282005

4. TECHYON Biotech (P) Ltd.:

TECHYON Biotech (P) Ltd. incorporated on the 15th day of December 2004. They are involved in the marketing of pharmaceutical Tablets, Capsules, Liquid orals and Suspension. They maintain the highest standard of quality; the products meet relevant pharmacopeial standards and statutory requirements. In addition, the company ensures that all the steps involved in design, development, and Manufacture are done by the leading companies and the product leads to the intended level of quality performance in the market.

This commitment to the quality requires us to ensure that their facility is geared up to provide the right environment, their personnel are trained and quality conscious, their packaging provides the requisite security and cosmetic appeal and their products provide complete satisfaction to the DR as well as the patient who is consuming their product. And that is why over 10000+ Drs are prescribing our brands, which depicts that they have faith in their products. Their product list includes:

  • ACLOTEC-C.R. – Aceclofenac 200 mg. Control Released
  • BACTYON (1 Vial)- Sulbactum (0.5 gm) And Cefoperazone (0.5 gm.)
  • BACTYONFORTE (1 Vial)- Cefoperazone (1 gm) And Sulbactum (0.5 gm)
  • MOXITEC CV 625 – Amoxycillin 500mg + Clavulanic Acid 125mg
  • CETON – Cetirizine 10 mg.
  • LCM – Levocetirizine 5 mg + Montelukast 10mg
  • O+Z Tab. – Ofloxacin 200 mg. + Ornidazole 500 mg. Tab
  • AMIN-A – Amlodipine 5 mg+ Atenolol 50 mg
  • TEKOF Syp. (60 ml)- Terbutaline Sulphate IP 1.25mg+Bromhexine Hydrochloride IP 2mg+Guaiphenesin IP 50mg+ Menthol IP 0.5mg
  • OMKAR-20 – Omeprazole 20 mg.
  • RABPRA-20 – Rabeprazole 20 mg
  • SLIM-ON – Each Cap. Contains Garcinia 250 mg , Methi 250mg Garlic 300 mg
  • ZIETY 0.25 mg – Alprazolam 0.25 mg
  • ACLOTEC-SPAS – Aceclofenac 100 mg. + Drotaverine 80 mg.
  • CARBO-Z Cap. (10X10) Carbonyl Iron 100 mg.+Folic Acid 0.5 mg+Zinc Sulphate .5mg.
  • MORITEC – Leaf extract every 5 ml contains 250 mg Moringa Oleifera
  • NEUROPET-500 – Mecobalamin 500 mcg.
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Contact them – 3-3-190, Chappal Bazar, Kachiguda, Hyderabad-500027

5. Medcure Organics Pvt Ltd:

Medcure Organics Pvt Ltd is a fast-growing Derma PCD Franchise Company that was established in 2010 by a group of Professionals from Pan India having rich expertise in Skin and Cosmetic Care Products. The company is committed to increasing access to high-quality healthcare by developing, producing and marketing affordable Dermaceutical products in domestic as well as International Market. Their aim stems from our staunch commitment to care for and cater as per the needs of their customers.

The fundamental objectives of their company are to provide scientifically sound, high-quality products and solutions to cure disease & improve the quality of life. They always strive to develop medicines that are evidence-based, innovative, effective. Their products are manufactured by the independent state of the art modern and sophisticated manufacturing units with most ultra-modern plants, machinery, and equipment of international standards which are not only GMP certified but also WHO certified where quality is at par of competition.

The product list includes:

  • AZIORG 500 Tab.
  • CALGRAY Tab.
  • CEFEVE-CV 200 Tab
  • FEXORG-M Tab.
  • KETORG Tab.
  • TINETRA 100mg Cap.
  • ZINCORG Tab.
  • BLOOMISH Cream
  • KETORG Cream
  • MOMORG-T Cream
  • UV-ORG 30+ Sun Screen Gel
  • CLOTORG-B Lotion
  • VITORG Facial Serum
  • MED WASH Facewash

Contact them – 53, Rahul Vihar, Dayalbagh, Agra (U.P.) – 282005


Listed above in this article is the best Pharma Franchise company in Agra. Choose from the List of Pharma Companies in Agra to enjoy various services provided by these pharmaceutical companies. To know more you can contact us anytime by filling the contact form given on the Pharmaadda site or you can call us on +919041446655.

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