Hand Sanitizer Manufacturers in Delhi

hand sanitizer manufacturers in delhi

Hand Sanitizer Manufacturers in Delhi – Alcohol-based sanitizers are disinfectants that are used to clean household items, objects, human hands, and other surfaces. They’re based on hazardous chemicals like iodine, chlorine, phenol, and quaternary ammonium compounds and are particularly powerful in battling harmful microbes like bacteria. Here in this article, we will be listing some of the Top Hand Sanitizer Manufacturers in Delhi. You can choose by reading the details of Hand Sanitizer companies given in this article of Pharmaadda.

The coronavirus outbreak has had a fair and positive impact on the hand sanitizer business. The demand for hand sanitizers has increased as a result of rising coronavirus cases and growing safety concerns, supporting the market’s growth. Various strategies adopted by the industry’s leading competitors are projected to open up several potentials for market growth throughout the forecast period. According to Global Market Insights, the market is estimated to exceed $3.6 billion by 2026. The United States has the world’s largest market for hand sanitizers.

List of Top Hand Sanitizer Manufacturers in Delhi

Consumers rushed to stock up on hand sanitizers as the coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic expanded, driving increasing demand by 1400 percent at one point during the pandemic. As a result, manufacturers struggled to meet demand and obtain the necessary raw materials to create the products. Hence the demand for Hand sanitizers is quite high. If you are the one thinking of investing in the Hand sanitizer manufacturing market then this is the time. Below listed are some of the Top Hand Sanitizer Manufacturers in Delhi from which you can choose from.

1. Arbro Pharmaceuticals Private Limited:

Arbro Pharmaceuticals Private Limited, based in New Delhi, is a significant pharmaceutical and hand sanitizer maker. The business is WHO GMP certified and has received numerous national and international certifications.
To aid in the fight against the coronavirus covid-19, the company has begun producing high-quality hand sanitizers in a variety of packaging sizes, ranging from 100 milliliters to bulk packs of 5,000 milliliters.

The goods are created in the best possible conditions and are thoroughly tested at each stage to ensure that the finished hand sanitizer is of the highest quality. Arbro is a leading maker of hand sanitizers, having a considerable capacity for hand sanitizer production. Every batch of hand sanitizer made at our facility is tested and evaluated against a set of quality control parameters to guarantee that the quantity and quality of alcohol in the product is closely controlled, which is critical to ensuring that the hand sanitizer has the needed activity.

Their manufactured hand sanitizer product features are:

  • Squeeze thumbnail size amount in your palm then briskly rub hands together until dry
  • On the go protection
  • Original
  • Rinse Free & Non-Sticky
  • Instant Hand Sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs

Safety Information:

  • Highly Flammable
  • Keep away from fire or flame
  • For external use only
  • Avoid eyes
  • In case of contact with the eye, flush with water
  • Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Call doctor if ingested

Contact them – 6 / 14, Kirti Nagar Industrial Area, New Delhi-110015 India

2. JSR Amenities Private Limited:

JSR Amenities Private Limited was established in the year 2017, and they are the leading manufacturer, trader, exporter, and importer of a wide range of Hand sanitizers and so on. cleanQ is one of the advance and Government approved and certified Alcohol-based Hand RUB that provides provide complete protection from various kinds of viruses and bacteria and kill 99.99% of germs without soap and water. Their range of Hand sanitizers include:

  • Wetkin Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer 5 Litre
  • CleanQ Hand Sanitizer Gel 5 Litre
  • CleanQ Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer 100ml
  • 500 ml Alcohol Based Hand Rub
  • CleanQ Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer 50ml
  • Asian Paints Viroprotek Hand Sanitizer
  • Asian Paints Viroprotek Hand Sanitizer
  • 30 Ml CleanQ Hand Sanitizer Gel
  • CleanQ 100 ml Alcohol Based Hand Rub Spray
  • CleanQ Sanitizer Sachet 1ml
  • 200 L Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer
  • CleanQ Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer Gel 500ml
  • 750 ml Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer
  • CleanQ Alcohol Hand Rub Trigger Pump 500ml
  • CleanQ Alcohol Hand Rub 5 Litre

Other details include:

  • Packaging Size: 100 ML
  • Packaging Type Spray: Bottle
  • Brand: CleanQ
  • Alcohol Content: % 71 – 80
  • Type of Alcohol: Ethanol
  • Fragrance: green tea
  • Other Active Ingredients: Glycerol
  • Quantity Per Crate: 120
  • Country of Origin: Made in India
  • Alcohol Content: 70 % (V/V)
  • How to Use: Take a coin size drop on your palm and rub your hands briskly until dry
  • Ingredients: Ethyl Alcohol (70%v/v), Glycrine, Proplyn Glycol, triethanolomine, Permittive colour, Fragrance and DM water.
  • Kill Germs Instantly Without Water
  • Protection from virus and bacteria like swine flu coronavirus.
  • FDA certified.
  • ISO certified.
  • Eligible for export.
  • Registered on GEM.
  • Production Capacity: 20000 bottles per day
  • Delivery Time: 1 day

Contact them – S-51, Phase 1, Badli Industrial Area, New Delhi- 110085, Delhi, India

3. Poornarth Solutions:

They are reputed manufacturers of health and hygiene supplies such as Hand sanitizers. Their products have captivated their customers, and they have grown fully reliant on a major chunk of the health and hospitality industries. The company’s unrivaled business standards, exceptional product quality, and client-centric working procedures have established new industry norms. Their products have a variety of attributes, including ease of maintenance, excellent sanitary requirements, and competitive pricing.

Centella Hygienic Bact- X Hand Sanitizer Gel (Antibacterial) (Non-Sticky) Kills Germs No-Rinse Wash Hand Gel Hand Rub- 500 ML. Keeps hands clean, safe, and sanitized. Kills 99.9% of many common harmful germs and bacteria in as little as 15 seconds. Use anytime, anyplace. Offering you a complete choice of products which include:

  • Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer 500 Ml
  • 100ml Gel Type Hand Sanitizer
  • Glycerine Gel Base Hand Sanitizer 500ml

Other details include:

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Bottle
  • Alcohol Content %: 71 – 80
  • Packaging Size: 500 ML
  • Packaging Type: Flip Top Bottle
  • Brand: Centella By Sgs
  • Type of Alcohol: Isopropyl alcohol
  • Fragrance: Fresh Lime
  • Other Active Ingredients: Glycerol
  • Quantity Per Crate: 50 Piece
  • Country of Origin: Made in India
  • Delivery Time: Within 2-3 Days

Contact them – 149 A, Pocket A, Mayur Vihar, Phase 2 Delhi – 110091, India

4. A M Nutratech Private Limited:

A M Nutratech Private Limited a Pvt. Ltd.-based firm situated in Delhi (India), began manufacturing, exporting, and supplying hand sanitizers in the year 2005. Under the leadership of our Managing Director, they have been able to meet the needs of our clients within the time frames set forth. They have a world-class infrastructure that is stretched over a broad area and is divided into numerous sub-departments that are supervised by a team of professionals, technicians, and laborers, among others.

They are engaged in manufacturing, exporting, and supplying top-quality items. NUTRATECH is a manufacturer and supplier of commercial hand sanitizers based in India, offering the best prices (Best Discount Lowest Prices). Customers were flown in from Delhi. Their manufactures hand sanitizer product details include:

  • Packaging Type: Cane
  • Packaging Size: 5 Litre
  • Brand: Ultimate
  • Fragrance: Standard
  • Type of Alcohol: Isopropyl alcohol
  • Alcohol Content %: Above 80
  • Item Code: Commercial-Hand-Sanitizer
  • Delivery Time Instant
  • Packaging Details 5 Liter Cane

Contact them – B20, Wazirpur Industrial Area, Wazirpur,, New Delhi- 110052, Delhi, India


We hope you find the information on the Top List of Hand Sanitizer Manufacturers in Delhi useful in your search. So go ahead and pick any of the companies on the list. Visit our official website for additional information. You may also contact us by filling out the contact form or calling us. We are continually looking for ways to assist you.

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