Dental Product List

Dental Products List

Dental Product List – Oral Hygiene is more than keeping your teeth clean and breath fresh, it can improve your overall health! Poor oral health and untreated oral diseases can affect one’s quality of life. Awareness of oral health has scaled great heights among the Indian population. Proper daily dental care and regular visits to the dentist are now part of the lifestyle practices. This blog is about the most usable Dental Products List which are mostly manufactured by Best Dental care manufacturing companies.

Dental Products List

In India’s middle class expands, consumers are becoming more knowledgeable about dental services, medicines, and solutions. There are a number of different drugs that the dentist may prescribe, depending on the patient’s condition. Some medications are prescribed to fight certain oral diseases, to prevent or treat infections, or to control pain and relieve anxiety. The dose of the drugs and instructions on how to take them will differ from patient to patient, depending on what the drug is being used for, patient’s age, weight, and other considerations

The Indian Dental Product Market was valued at $116,397 thousand in 2016 and is projected to reach $232,527 thousand by 2023, registering a CAGR of 10.3% from 2017 to 2023. The main reason for the increase of Dental Products List market in India is due to:

  • Growing Healthcare and Oral care Awareness among Indian societies
  • Better Economic Growth of India
  • Increased Healthcare Expenditure in India
  • Availability of a range of Dental treatments in various part of the country
  • Investor friendly Government Policies for Dental care

The Demand for Oral and Dental Care Products in India

India oral care market has shown tremendous growth by value & volume in the last few years in FMCG sector of India. Growing oral care market is driven by the change in lifestyle of consumers, demand of premium products, rising of disposable income, etc. The penetration level of oral care products in the urban area is high.

  • India has over 5000 dental laboratories and 267 dental institutes, the Indian dental market is vast and it is predicted that India will be one of the largest single country markets for dental products and materials.
  • The rental market is expected to have a growth rate of 20-30 %, with investment groups building multispecialty hospitals offering general dentistry and specialist treatments.
  • The current dentist to population ratio in the urban area is 1:9000 and in a rural area, it is 1:200000. The value of dental equipment and laboratories market itself is about USD 90 million annually.
  • Dental Tourism forms 10% of the total medical tourism industry and is projected to grow at 30% per annum by 2015 to Rs. 95000 million.
  • The Indian dental devices market is currently estimated to be worth USD 0.260 billion for the year 2014 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.79% for the duration 2016-2021.

Prevalence Of Dental Problems In India

  • Indians have a very high rate of dental caries of permanent teeth and about 16% with periodontal problems.
  • It is well documented that there is an association of oral health with various systemic conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, pregnancy, and its impact on the quality of life.
  • This increase in the prevalence of dental diseases is observed parallel to the rapid nutrition transition in recent decades and may also be one of its consequences.
  • Most of these highly prevalent oral diseases are largely preventable and can be reduced through various health promotion and preventive measures.
  • The overall prevalence of dental caries is 63.9%. Dental caries prevalence is high among the girls (54%), among the lower socioeconomic class (41.7%), among those who consume mix diet (74.8%), among those who consumes junk foods (62.6%) at least once every day and among those who consumes dairy products (58.9%) at least once every day.
  • Dental caries is low in prevalence among those who consume fruits several times a week (6.1%), among those who brush their teeth twice/more than twice a day (20.2%) and among those who wash their mouth after each meal (38.7%).

Key Vendors in Dental Products Market

Key players operating in the Dental Products global market are

  • Merck & Co.
  • Bayer Global
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • 3M Manufacturing company
  • Sunstar Group
  • Colgate-Palmolive
  • DenMat
  • Showa Yakuhin Kako
  • Valeant Pharmaceuticals
  • Septodont
  • Roche
  • PerioChip
  • Hutchison China MediTech
  • Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical
  • Acteon
  • Xttrium Laboratories
  • Mediwin Pharmaceuticals

Dental Products List with Uses and Vendors

Sr NoProduct          Used forVendors
1.2% Xylocaine (R) DENTAL (lidocaine HCl and Epinephrine Injection, USP) (1:50,000 or 1:100,000)local anesthetic agentDentsply Pharmaceutical
 2.Accuject(R) Needleslocal anesthetic agentDentsply Pharmaceutical
3.Articadent(R) DENTAL (articaine HCl 4% with Epinephrine Injection)local anesthetic agentDentsply Pharmaceutical
4.Aspirating Syringeslocal anesthetic agentSeptodont
5.C-Warmer: Anesthetic Composite / Resin Warmerlocal anesthetic agentDentazon Corporation
6.Citanest(R) DENTAL (prilocaine HCl Injection, USP)local anesthetic agentDentazon Corporation
7.Gelato Topical Anesthetic Gellocal anesthetic agentKeystone Industries
8.Kolorz Topical Anesthetic Gellocal anesthetic agentDMG America LLC
9.Lidocaine Ointmentlocal anesthetic agentSeptodont
10.Lignospan Standard (Lidocaine HCl 2% and Epinephrine 1:100,000)local anesthetic agentSeptodont
11.Orabloclocal anesthetic agentPierrel Pharma Srl
12.Oraqix(R) periodontal gellocal anesthetic agentDentsply Pharmaceutical
13.OraVerse (Phentolamine Mesylate)local anesthetic agentSeptodont
14.Polocaine(R) DENTAL (mepivacaine HCl Injection, USP)local anesthetic agentDentsply Pharmaceutical
15.ProJel-20local anesthetic agentSeptodont
16Scandonest 3% Plain (Mepivacaine HCl 3%, no vasoconstrictor)local anesthetic agentSeptodont
17Vivacaine (Bupivacaine HCl 0.5% and Epinephrine 1:200,000)local anesthetic agentSeptodont
18Septocaine 1:100,000local anesthetic agentSeptodont
19Septocaine 1:200,000local anesthetic agentSeptodont
20Topicalslocal anesthetic agentPremier Dental Products Company
21XyliMelts® for Dry Mouth
Dry Mouth Products, dentist dispensed
22Clinpro™ 5000Fluoride Products3M ESPE
23Daily 1.1% NSF & 5% KNO3 Gel for Whitening SensitivityFluoride ProductsPreventech
24Kolorz Neutral FoamFluoride ProductsDMG America LLC
25Kolorz Sixty Second Fluoride FoamFluoride ProductsDMG America LLC
26Kolorz Sixty Second Fluoride GelFluoride ProductsDMG America LLC
27Remin ProFluoride ProductsVOCO America Inc
28Glove’n Care®Dental MedicationEssential Dental Systems Inc
29Multi-Cal Calcium HydroxideDental MedicationPulpdent Corporation
30NuSmile® NeoMTA®Dental MedicationNuSmile Ltd.
31Pulpdent PasteDental MedicationPulpdent Corporation
32Tempcanal EnhancedDental MedicationPulpdent Corporation
33Benzodent CreamLocal anestheticChattem, Inc.
34OrajelLocal anestheticChurch & Dwight, Inc.
35Anbesol GelLocal anestheticAlliance Pharma

Hydrogen Peroxide Oral Rinse

phlegm or mucus or help with a sore mouth.Sandika Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
37HurriCainemouth sores and ease mouth and throat pain.Beutlich® Pharmaceuticals, LLC
OraMagic Plus
mouth sores and ease mouth and throat pain.MPM Medical, LLC.
39Topex Gellocal anesthetic injectionsNuSmile Ltd.
40Baby Anbesolrelieve pain and irritation caused by sore throat, sore mouth, or canker sores.DMG America LLC
41KANK-A Mouth Pain Liquidlocal anestheticDMG America LLC
42Topical Anesthetic Dental Gellocal anesthetic injectionsDMG America LLC
43Babee Teethingrelieve pain and irritation caused by sore throat, sore mouth, or canker sores.DMG America LLC
44Gelato Topical Anestheticlocal anestheticAlliance Pharma
45Super Dent Topical Anesthetic Gellocal anestheticAlliance Pharma
46Benzo-Jellocal anestheticPulpdent Corporation
47BeeGentle Geltopical anestheticPulpdent Corporation
48Gelato Topical Anesthetictopical anestheticPulpdent Corporation
49Fluoritop MouthrinseANTICARIES TREATMENTSICPA Health Products Ltd
50Fluoritop SR Varnish 10XANTICARIES TREATMENTSICPA Health Products Ltd
55Fixon Cream 15gmDENTURE ADHESIVEICPA Health Products Ltd
56Fixon PowderDENTURE ADHESIVEICPA Health Products Ltd
57Fixon Super-GripDENTURE ADHESIVEICPA Health Products Ltd
58Clinsodent PowderDENTURE CLEANSERICPA Health Products Ltd
59Clinsodent TabletDENTURE CLEANSERICPA Health Products Ltd
60RA ThermosealDESENSITIZINGICPA Health Products Ltd
61Thermoseal RepairDESENSITIZINGICPA Health Products Ltd
62PyosanGUM PAINTSICPA Health Products Ltd
63ZingisolGUM PAINTSICPA Health Products Ltd
65MucopainORAL ANTIULCERANTICPA Health Products Ltd
67Wet MouthSALIVA  SUBSTITUTEICPA Health Products Ltd
68Xicaine VialsSURFACE ANESTHETICICPA Health Products Ltd
69Xicaine CartridgeSURFACE ANESTHETICICPA Health Products Ltd
70Nummit SpraySURFACE ANESTHETICICPA Health Products Ltd
71triamcinoloneMedications for Aphthous UlcerCMP Pharma
72dexamethasoneMedications for Aphthous UlcerTORQUE PHARMACEUTICALS
73onabotulinumtoxinAMedications for BruxismAllergan Pharma
74De-Sone LA (injection)Medications for Aphthous UlcerCigna
75Zilactin-BMedications for Aphthous UlcerHenry Schein International
77OraloneMedications for Aphthous UlcerKaiser Foundation
78Sodium Perborate MonohydrateDenture Cleansing TabletsGroup Pharmaceuticals Ltd
79Anabel CTrelieves pain from mouth ulcersGroup Pharmaceuticals Ltd
80Clorni Gelworks at the site of infection, by promoting wound healing and ensures healthy gums.Group Pharmaceuticals Ltd
81Anabel – Choline salicylate solution BP equivalent to

Choline salicylate 8.70% w/w

Benzalkonium chloride solution IP 0.01% w/w

Lignocaine hydrochloride solution IP 2% w/w

relieves pain caused by mouth ulcersGroup Pharmaceuticals Ltd


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